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July 17, 2018

Eabametoong First Nation Celebrates Court Overturning Landore Mining Exploration Permit

Thunder Bay (July 17, 2018): Today the Divisional Court of Ontario overturned a drilling exploration permit issued by the Ontario Ministry of
Energy, Mines, Northern Development and Indigenous Affairs. The permit had been granted to Landore
Resources Canada in 2016, against Eabametoong’s objections. The Court held that Ontario failed to consult
honourably with Eabametoong and that Landore did not properly carry out the consultation duties delegated to
it by Ontario.

The Court found that Eabametoong members intensively and extensively use the permit area for harvesting and
cultural activities. As of this morning, a number of families are heading out to this significant traditional area.
Ontario breached its duty to consult with Eabametoong by unilaterally terminating the consultation process
contrary to the reasonable expectations of Eabametoong, for reasons it did not communicate to Eabametoong.
The Court also found that Ontario failed to share other critical information with Eabametoong, such as feedback
on its concerns regarding the permit, and its private meetings with the company. As a result, Ontario’s conduct
did not meet the honour of the Crown or promote trust and reconciliation between the Crown and First Nations.

Chief Atlookan stated: “It is unfortunate that we were forced to use our limited resources to go to Court to fight
for our rights and way of life, but I am pleased that the Court found in our favour. I hope the decision means
that both governments and companies in the future will conduct themselves at a higher and more honourable
standard in their dealings with us. The integrity of our land and our way of life is priceless to us. We will continue
to ensure that nothing happens on our lands without our involvement.”

Eabametoong First Nation is the largest remote community with rights and interests in the Ring of Fire area and
is a strong participant in discussions with Ontario and Canada on the potential Ring of Fire projects and access
roads. With respect to the status of that dialogue, Chief Atlookan added: “We stand in unity with our fellow
Matawa First Nations as we make progress towards reconciliation through real involvement with decisions that
may impact our members for generations. This case shows that the previous government was not fulfilling its
obligations according to a reasonable and honourable standard for exploration projects, so there is tremendous
concern over lack of information and any decision-making role in future major projects and developments. The
way forward begins with recognition of our rights, not attempts to dismiss them as we saw with Landore and
MNDM. We look forward to dialogue with the new Ontario government on meaningful joint decision-making
within environmental, permitting, infrastructure, and other land management processes.”

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