Nishnawbe Aski Nation

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NAN Staff Directory


To submit a request for a member of the NAN Executive to attend your event, workshop or conference please contact nan%23on%23ca|scheduling. Only requests submitted to scheduling staff will receive a formal reply.

For interviews and other media requests please contact our Communications department.



Alvin Fiddler, Grand Chief
For matters requiring the attention of Grand Chief Fiddler please contact Narene Barkman at (807) 625-4945 or nan%23on%23ca|nbarkman

Anna Betty Achneepineskum, Deputy Grand Chief
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|dgcachneepineskum

Derek Fox, Deputy Grand Chief
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|dgcfox

Jason Smallboy, Deputy Grand Chief
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|dgcsmallboy


Travis Boissoneau, Chief Administrative Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4920
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|tboissoneau

Wendy Caruk, Senior Administrative Coordinator to CAO
Telephone: (807) 625-4933
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|wcaruk

Narene Barkman, Executive Assistant to the Grand Chief  
Telephone: (807) 625-4945
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|nbarkman 

Jackie Shewaybick, Executive Assistant
Telephone: (807) 625-4951
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jshewaybick

Stephanie Feletto, Senior Policy Analyst
Telephone: (807) 625-4934
E-mail:nan%23on%23ca| sfeletto

Melinda Meekis, Senior Policy Analyst 
Telephone: (807) 625-4938
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|mmeekis

Rod Geddes, Executive Assistant 
Telephone: (807) 625-4942
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|rgeddes  

Charlene Yerxa, Executive Office Assistant (Executive)/Part-Time Travel Assistant
Telephone: (807) 625-4914
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|cyerxa

Lydia BigGeorge, Environment Manager
Telephone: (807) 625-4922
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|lbiggeorge

Michael McKay, Housing and Infrastructure Director
Telephone: (807) 625-4947
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|mmckay 

Jennifer Guerrieri, Transportation Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4925
E-mail:nan%23on%23ca| jguerrieri 

Kendra Harris, GIS Intern
Telephone: (807) 625-4986
E-mail:nan%23on%23ca| khariss 


Michael Heintzman, Director of Communications
Telephone: (807) 625-4965
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|mheintzman

Tamara Piche, Communications Officer
Telephone (807) 625-4906
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|tpiche 

Wayland Moonias, Communications Intern
Telephone: (807) 625-4952
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|wmoonias 

Angela Crozier, IT Manager
Telephone: (807) 625-4954
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|acrozier

Stirling McIntosh, Network Administrator
Telephone: (807) 625-4962
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|smcintosh


Jeff Nelson, Finance Director
Telephone: (807) 623-5136 ext. #4
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jnelson

Paulette Desmoulin, Senior Finance Officer
Telephone: (807) 623-5136 ext. #1
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|pdesmoul

Jeff Forneri, Senior Finance Officer
Telephone: (807) 623-5136 ext.#3
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jforneri

Rachel Mamakwa, Finance Officer
Telephone: (807) 623-5136 ext. #2
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|rmamakwa

Pam Fayrick, Payroll Officer
Telephone: (807) 623-5136 ext. #0
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|pfayrick


Sabrina Marion, Human Resource Director
Telephone: (807) 625-4948
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|smarion

Ian Beardy, Human Resource Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4941
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|ibeardy

Jennifer Thompson, Travel Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4915
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jthompson

Elizabeth Achneepineskum, Administrative Assistant (Reception)
Telephone: (807) 625-4923
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|eachneep

Gina Fata, Receptionist
Telephone: (807) 625-4900
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|receptionist 

Telephone: (807) 625-4900
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|nan

Kevin McKay, Office Custodian
Telephone: (807) 625-4966 
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|kmckay 


Sol Mamakwa, Health Advisor
Telephone: (807) 625-4961
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|smamakwa 

Loretta Sheshequin, Health Manager
Telephone: (807) 625-4913
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|lsheshequin 

Natalie Binguis, Health Policy Analyst
Telephone: (807) 625-4955
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|nbinguis 

Gail Dick, Health Administrative Assistant 
Telephone: (807) 625-4956
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|gdick

Nikki Louttit, Program Assistant
Telephone: (807) 625-4985
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|nlouttit 


Angela Carter, Director of Community Wellness
Telephone: (807) 625-4918
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|acarter

Alarice Petawanikweb, Community Wellness Manager
Telephone: (807) 625-4927
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|apetawanikweb

Tanya Forneri, Community Wellness Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4908
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|tforneri 

Sarah Jane Cromarty, Family Support Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4971
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|scromarty

Susan Beardy, Health Support Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4987
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|sbeardy 

Touchan Fiddler, Health Support Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4974
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|tfiddler

Janet Kakekapetum, Mental Health Crisis Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4932

Delores Walker, Mental Health Community Support Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4683
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|dwalker

Courtney Mamakeesic, Mental Health Training Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4921
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|cmamakeesic

Polly-Anna McNally, Community Wellness Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4972
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|pmcnally

Debbie Sault, Crisis Response Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4982
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|dsault 

Felicia Sagutch, Health Support Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4980
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|fsagutch 

Miranda Echum, Community Health Project Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4926
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|mechum 

Lillian Suganaqueb, Mental Health Crisis Officer
Telephone: (807) 625-4981
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|lsuganaqueb

Julaine Trudeau, Administrative Assitant
Telephone: (807) 625-4686
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jtrudeau


Wendy Trylinski, Director of Public Health Education
Telephone: (807) 625-4931
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|wtrylins

Gloria Hendrick-Laliberte, HIV / AIDS Program Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4940
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|ghendrick-laliberte

Sheila Wahsquonaikezhik, Aboriginal Responsible Gambling Strategy Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4930
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|swahs

Joe Wheesk, Food Strategy Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4946
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jwheesk

Jennifer Wrigley, Administrative Assistant (Public Health Education)
Telephone: (807) 625-4911
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jwrigley

Sarah Pellerin, Community Health Nurse
Telephone: (807) 625-4950
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|spellerin

Fabienne Spiess, Early Years Development Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4989
E-mail:nan%23on%23ca| fspiess 

Charlotte Neckoway, Early Years Development Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4901
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|cneckoway 


Bobby Narcisse, Director of Social Services
Telephone: (807) 625-4963
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|bnarcisse  

Violet Chilton, Social Services Project Assistant
Telephone: (807) 625-4912

Roderick Fiddler, Project Liaison
Telephone: (807) 625-4684
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|rfiddler

Judy Kay, Children's Special Services Analyst
Telephone: (807) 625-4939
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jkay


Catherine Cheechoo, Director of Women and Youth Advocacy
Telephone: (807) 625-4953
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|ccheechoo 

Donna Simon, Youth Initiatives Coordinator
Telephone: (807) 625-4984
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|dsimon


Dobi-Dawn Frenette, Director of Education Secretariat
Telephone: (807) 625-4969
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|dfrenett

Kathy Beardy, Manager (Education Initiatives)
Telephone: (807) 625-4902
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|kabeardy

Valerie Nabigon, Executive Assistant-Education
Telephone: (807) 625-4967
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|vnabigon

Jim Hollander, Education Partnership Program Lead - Timmins
Telephone: (705) 360-5502
E-mail:nan%23on%23ca| jhollander

Angela Benedict, EPP Officer
Telephone:  (807) 625-4917
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|abenedict

Cherity Calder, Education Program Assistant
Telephone: (807) 625-4919
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|ccalder 

Phalen Iserhoff, Education Assistant
Telephone: (807) 625-4959
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|piserhoff 


Luke Hunter, Research Director
Telephone: (705) 360-5502 ext. 4
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|lhunter

Joe Wheesk, Research Assistant
Telephone: (807) 625-4946
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|jwheesk


Bentley Cheechoo, Governance Secretariat Director
Telephone: (807) 625-4936
E-mail:nan%23on%23ca| bcheechoo 

Melinda Sault Coates, Governance Secretariat Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (807) 625-4929
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|msaultcoates

Natalie Salt, Program Support
Telephone: (807) 625-4910
E-mail: nan%23on%23ca|nsalt